Past Conferences

The Fifteenth Century conference first took place in 1970, and with a few exceptions has taken place every year since. The conference is hosted by a different university each year. Some conferences have had a set theme, while others have been on the general theme of the fifteenth century. The following list shows the year and place of each conference, and the proceedings that have followed:

1970 CardiffFifteenth Century England, ed. S.B. Chrimes, C.D. Ross and R.A. Griffiths (1972)
1973 Bristol
1976 SheffieldThe Crown and Local Communities in England and France, ed. J.R.L. Highfield and Robin Jeffs (1981)
1978 BristolPatronage, Pedigree and Power, ed. Charles Ross (1979)
1979 SwanseaPatronage, the Crown and the Provinces, ed. R.A. Griffiths (1981)
1982 YorkThe Church, Politics and Patronage, ed. R.B. Dobson (1984)
1983 ReadingProperty and Politics, ed. A.J. Pollard (1984)
1984 NottinghamGentry and Lesser Nobility of Later Medieval Europe, ed. M.C.E. Jones (1986)
1985 KeelePeople, Politics and the Community, ed. Joel Rosenthal and Colin Richmond (1987)
1986 GlasgowTowns and Townspeople in the Fifteenth Century, ed. J.A.F. Thomson (1988)
1987 WinchesterProfit, Piety and the Professions, ed. M.A. Hicks (1990)
1988 LiverpoolEnterprise and Individuals in Fifteenth-Century England, ed. Jennifer Kermode (1991)
1989 ManchesterTrade, Devotion and Governance, ed. D.J. Clayton, R.G. Davies and Peter McNiven (1994)
1991 Royal HollowayEngland and the Low Countries, ed. Caroline Barron and Nigel Saul (1995)
1992 Manchester College, OxfordCrown, Government and People, ed. Rowena E. Archer (1995)
1993 DurhamThe McFarlane Legacy, ed. R.H. Britnell and A.J. Pollard (1995)
1994 ChesterCourts, Counties and the Capital, ed. Diana E.S. Dunn (1996)
1996 AberystwythThe End of the Middle Ages?, ed. J.L. Watts (1998)
1997 HuddersfieldSocial Attitudes and Political Structures, ed. Tim Thornton (2000)
1998 ReadingConcepts and Patterns of Service, ed. Anne Curry and Elizabeth Matthew (2000)
1999 SouthamptonRevolution and Consumption, ed. Michael Hicks (2001)
2000 Queen Mary, London
2001 UWE BristolAuthority and Subversion, ed. Clark (2003)
2002 New Hall, CambridgePolitical Culture, ed. Clark and Christine Carpenter (2004)
2003 KeeleOf Mice and Men: Image, Belief and Regulation, ed. Clark (2005)
2004 Royal HollowayIdentity and Insurgency, ed. Clark (2006)
2005 Swansea
2006 Merton College, OxfordConflicts, Consequences and the Crown, ed. Clark (2007); Rule, Redemption and Representations, ed. Clark (2008)
2008 Aberystwyth
2009 St. AndrewsEnglish and Continental Perspectives, ed. Clark (2010)
2010 SouthamptonConcerns and Preoccupations, ed. Clark (2012)
2011 UEASociety in an Age of Plague, ed. Clark and Carole Rawcliffe (2013)
2012 WinchesterExploring the Evidence: Commemoration, Administration and the Economy, ed. Clark (2014)
2013 Christ Church, Oxford
2014 Aberdeen
2015 University of Kent, Canterbury
2016 Royal Holloway
2017 University of Essex, Colchester

Richard III Society conferences:
1993 DurhamThe North of England in the Age of Richard III, ed. A.J. Pollard (1996)
1995 U.S.A.Estrangement, Enterprise and Education, ed. S.D. Michalove and A. Compton Reeves (1998)