Publications 1972-1995

Fifteenth Century England
ed. S.B. Chrimes, C.D. Ross, and R.A. Griffiths (1972)

A.L. Brown:  The Reign of Henry IV: the Establishment of the Lancastrian Regime
B.P. Wolffe:  The Personal Rule of Henry VI
C.D. Ross:  The Reign of Edward IV
S.B. Chrimes:  The Reign of Henry VII
T.B. Pugh:  The Magnates, Knights and Gentry
R.L. Storey:  The North of England
R.A. Griffiths:  Wales and the Marches

Patronage, Pedigree and Power in Later Medieval England
ed. Charles Ross (1979)

R.A. Griffiths:  The Sense of Dynasty in the Reign of Henry VI
A.J. Pollard: The Richmondshire Community of Gentry during the Wars of the Roses
Michael Hicks:  The Changing Role of the Wydevilles in Yorkist Politics to 1483
Carole Rawcliffe:  Baronial Councils in the Later Middle Ages
Margaret Condon:  Ruling Elites in the Reign of Henry VII
K.R. Dockray:  Japan and England during the Fifteenth Century: The Onin War and the Wars of the Roses
Alison Allan:  Yorkist Propaganda: Pedigree, Prophecy and the ‘British History’ in the Reign of Edward IV
Anne Curry:  The First English Standing Army? Military Organization in Lancastrian Normandy, 1420-1450

Patronage, the Crown and the Provinces
ed. R.A. Griffiths (1981)

Charles Ross:  Rumour, Propaganda and Public Opinion during the Wars of the Roses
Anne Crawford:  The King’s Burden?: The Consequences of Royal Marriage in Fifteenth-Century England
J.R. Alban:  English Coastal Defence: Some Fourteenth-Century Modifications within the System
Michael Jones:  John Beaufort, duke of Somerset and the French Expedition of 1443
Ailsa Herbert:  Herefordshire, 1413-61: Some Aspects of Society and Public Order
Martin Cherry:  The Struggle for Power in mid Fifteenth-Century Devonshire
Rosemary Horrox:  Urban Patronage and Patrons in the Fifteenth Century
Robert W. Dunning:  Patronage and Promotion in the Late Medieval Church

The Crown and Local Communities in England and France in the Fifteenth Century
ed. J.R.L. Highfield and Robin Jeffs (1981)

J.-P. Genet:  Political Theory and the Relationship in England and France between the Crown and the Local Communities
P.S. Lewis:  The Centre, the Periphery, and Power Distribution of Fifteenth-Century France
M.C.E. Jones:  The Breton Nobility and their Masters from the Civil War of 1341-64 to the Late Fifteenth Century
Roger Virgoe:  The Crown, Magnates and Local Government in Fifteenth Century East Anglia
Caroline Barron:  London and the Crown 1451-61
B. Chevalier:  The Bonnes Villes and the King’s Council in Fifteenth-Century France
A. Leguai:  The Relations between the Towns of Burgundy and the French Crown in the Fifteenth Century
C.T. Allmand:  Local Reaction to the French Reconquest of Normandy: The Case of Rouen
M. Greengrass:  Dissension in the Provinces under Henry III, 1574-85

Property and Politics
ed. A.J. Pollard (1984)

Rowena E. Archer:  Rich Old Ladies: The Problem of Late Medieval Dowagers
P.W. Fleming:  Charity, Faith and the Gentry of Kent 1422-1529
Anthony Smith:  Litigation and Politics: Sir John Fastolf’s Defence of his English Property
Robert Massey:  The Land Settlement in Lancastrian Normandy
Elizabeth Matthew:  The Financing of the Lordship of Ireland under Henry V and Henry VI
Carol Arnold:  The Commission of the Peace for the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1437-1509
Ian Rowney:  Resources and Retaining in Yorkist England: William Lord Hastings and the Honour of Tutbury
A. Saul:  Local Politics and the Good Parliament
Roger Lovatt:  A Collector of Apocryphal Anecdotes: John Blacman Revisited

The Church, Politics and Patronage in the Fifteenth Century
ed. R.B. Dobson (1984)

Jean-Philippe Genet:  Ecclesiastics and Political Theory in Late Medieval England: the End of a Monopoly
Margaret Aston:  ‘Claim’s Castles’: Poverty, Politics and Disendowment
R.L. Storey:  Episcopal King Makers in the Fifteenth Century
John A.F. Thomson:  ‘The Well of Grace’: Englishmen and Rome in the Fifteenth Century
D.E.R. Watt:  The Papacy and Scotland in the Fifteenth Century
J.A. Watt:  The Papacy and Ireland in the Fifteenth Century
Helen Jewell:  English Bishops as Educational Benefactors in the Later Fifteenth Century
A.K. McHardy:  Clerical Taxation in Fifteenth Century England: the Clergy as Agents of the Crown
Colin Richmond:  Religion and the Fifteenth-Century English Gentleman
Peter Heath:  Urban Piety in the Later Middle Ages: the Evidence of Hull Wills

Kings and Nobles in the Later Middle Ages
ed. R.A. Griffiths and James Sherborne (1986)

R.A. Griffiths:  The Crown and the Royal Family in Later Medieval England
J.R. Lander:  Family, ‘Friends’ and Politics in Fifteenth-Century England
James Sherborne:  John of Gaunt, Edward III’s Retinue and the French Campaign of 1369
T.B. Pugh:  The Southampton Plot of 1415
M.A. Hicks:  Piety and Lineage in the Wars of the Roses: the Hungerford Experience
A.J. Pollard:  St Cuthbert and the Hog: Richard III and the County Palatine of Durham, 1471-85
R.B. Dobson:  Richard III and the Church of York
C.T. Wood:  Richard III, William, Lord Hastings, and Friday the Thirteenth
A.V. Antonovics:  Henry VII, King of England, ‘By the Grace of Charles VIII of France’
D.J. Guth:  Richard III, Henry VII and the City: London Politics and the ‘Dun Cowe’
K.R. Dockray:  The Political Legacy of Richard III in Northern England
M.M. Condon:  An Anachronism with Intent? Henry VII’s Council Ordinance of 1491/2
M.K. Jones:  Henry VII, Lady Margaret Beaufort and the Orleans Ransom
J.A. Guy:  The French King’s Council, 1483-1526
R.W. Dunning:  The Abbey of the Princes: Athelney Abbey, Somerset
Anne Crawford:  A Bibliography of Charles Derek Ross

Gentry and Lesser Nobility in Late Medieval Europe
ed. Michael Jones (1986)

D.A.L. Morgan:  The Individual Style of the English Gentleman
Christine Carpenter:  The Fifteenth-Century English Gentry and Their Estates
Keith Dockray:  Why did Fifteenth-Century English Gentry Marry?
Johanna Maria van Winter:  Knighthood and Nobility in the Netherlands
Paul De Win:  The Lesser Nobility of the Burgundian Netherlands
F.R.H. Du Boulay:  Was there a German ‘Gentry’?
M.G.A. Vale:  Seigneurial Fortification and Private War in Later
Medieval Gascony
Angus Mackay:  The Lesser Nobility in the Kingdom of Castile
Jenny Wormald:  Lords and Lairds in Fifteenth-Century Scotland: Nobles and Gentry
Philippe Contamine:  France at the End of the Middle Ages: Who was then the Gentleman?

People, Politics and Community in the Later Middle Ages
ed. Joel Rosenthal and Colin Richmond (1987)

I. Arthurson:  The Rising of 1497: A Revolt of the Peasantry?
Michael Bennett:  Careerism in Late Medieval England
Virginia Davis:  William Waynflete and the Educational Revolution of the Fifteenth Century
Marjorie Drexler:  Fluid Prejudice: Scottish Origin Myths in the Later Middle Ages
James L. Gillespie:  Cheshiremen at Blore Heath: A Swan Dive
Rosemary C.E. Hayes:  The Pre-Episcopal Career of William Alnwick, Bishop of Norwich and Lincoln
Ben R. McRee:  Religious Gilds and Regulation of Behaviour in Late Medieval Towns
R.G.K.A. Mertes:  The Household as a Religious Community
Simon J. Payling:  Law and Arbitration in Nottinghamshire 1399-1461
Joel T. Rosenthal:  Kings, Continuity and Ecclesiastical Benefaction in 15th Century England
Charles W. Smith:  A Conflict of Interest? Chancery Clerks in Private Service

Towns and Townspeople in the Fifteenth Century
ed. John A.F. Thomson (1988)

D.M. Palliser:  Urban Decay Revisited
Rosemary E. Horrox:  The Urban Gentry in the Fifteenth Century
Gervase Rosser:  London and Westminster: the Suburb in the urban economy of the Later Middle Ages
Stephen H. Rigby:  Urban ‘Oligarchy’ in Late Medieval England
Jennifer I. Kermode:  Obvious Observations on the Formation of Oligarchies in Late Medieval English Towns
P.J.P. Goldberg:  Women in Fifteenth-Century Town Life
Norman P. Tanner:  The Reformation and Regionalism: Further Reflections on the Church in Late Medieval Norwich
Anne E. Curry:  Towns at War: Relations between the Town of Normandy and their English Rulers, 1417-1450
Michael Lynch:  Towns and Townspeople in the Fifteenth Century in Fifteenth-Century Scotland

Profit, Piety and the Professions in Later Medieval England
ed. Michael A. Hicks (1990)

Roger Virgoe:  Aspects of the County Community in the Fifteenth Century
Clive Burgess:  Late Medieval Wills and Pious Convention: Testamentary Evidence Reconsidered
P.J.P. Goldberg:  Women’s Work, Women’s Role, in the Late Medieval North
Rhidian Griffiths:  Prince Henry and Wales, 1400-08
Nigel Ramsay:  What was the Legal Profession?
Mark Beilby:  The Profits of Expertise: the Rise of the Civil Lawyers and Chancery Equity
Brigette Vale:  The Profits of Law and the ‘Rise’ of the Scropes: Henry Scrope (d.1336) and Geoffrey Scrope (d.1340) Chief Justices to Edward II and Edward III
Michael Stansfield:  John Holland, Duke of Exeter and Earl of Huntingdon (d.1447) and the cost of the Hundred Years’ War
Linda Clark:  The Benefits and Burdens of Office: Henry Bourgchier (1408-83) Viscount Bourgchier and Earl of Essex, and the Treasurership of the Exchequer
Margaret Condon:  From Caitiff and Villain to Pater Patriae: Reynold Bray and the Profits of Office

Enterprise and Individuals in Fifteenth-Century England
ed. Jennifer Kermode (1991)

Christopher Dyer:  Were there any Capitalists in Fifteenth-Century England?
Colin Richmond:  Landlord and Tenant: the Paston Evidence
Richard M. Smith:  Coping with Uncertainty: Women’s Tenure of Customary Land in England c.1370-1430
Wendy Childs:  ‘To oure losse and hindraunce’: English Credit to Alien Merchants in the Mid-Fifteenth Century
Carole Rawcliffe:  ‘That Kindliness Should be Cherished More, and Discord Driven Out’: the Settlement of Commercial Disputes by Arbitration in Later Medieval England
Nigel Ramsay:  Scriveners and Notaries as Legal Intermediaries in Later Medieval England
Miri Rubin:  Small Groups: Identity and Solidarity in the Late Middle Ages

Trade, Devotion and Governance
ed. D.J. Clayton, R.G. Davies and P. McNiven (1994)

Edward Powell:  After ‘After McFarlane’: the Poverty of Patronage and the case for Constitutional History
Stephen O’Connor:  Adam Fraunceys and John Pyel: Perceptions of Status Among Merchants in Fourteenth-Century London
Patricia H. Cullum:  ‘For Pore People Harberles’: What was the Function of the Maisonsdieu?
Helen Bradley:  The Datini Factors in London, 1380-1410
John D. Milner:  The English Enterprise in France, 1412-13
Neil Jamieson:  The Recruitment of Northerners for Service in English Armies in France, 1415-50
J.L. Watts:  When did Henry VI’s Minority End?
Terence R. Adams:  Aliens, Agriculturalists and Entrepreneurs: Identifying the Market-Makers in a Norfolk Port from the Water-Bailiffs’ Accounts, 1400-60
Mary-Rose McLaren:  The Aims and Interests of the London Chroniclers of the Fifteenth Century
Julia Carnwath:  The Churchwardens Accounts of Thame, Oxfordshire, c.1443-1524

England and the Low Countries in the Late Middle Ages
ed. Caroline Barron and Nigel Saul (1995)

Caroline Barron:  Introduction: England and the Low Countries 1327-1477
Andrew Wathey:  John of Gaunt, John Pycard and the Amiens Negotiations of 1392
Scot McKendrick:  Tapestries from the Low Countries in England during the Fifteenth Century
Anne F. Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs:  Choosing a Book in Late Fifteenth-Century England and Burgundy
Alexandra F. Johnston:  Traders and Playmakers: English Guildsmen and the Low Countries
Malcolm Vale An Anglo-Burgundian Nobleman and Art Patron: Louis de Bruges, Lord of La Gruthuyse and Earl of Winchester
Andrew Martindale:  The Wall Paintings in the Chapel of Eton College
Vanessa Harding:  Cross-Channel Trade and Cultural Contacts: London and the Low Countries in the Later Fourteenth Century
Laura Wright:  Trade between England and the Low Countries: Evidence from Historical Linguistics