Publications – The Fifteenth Century Series

The following series was published by Sutton Publishing, Stroud:

The McFarlane Legacy
ed. R.H. Britnell and A.J. Pollard (1995)

G.L. Harriss:  The Dimensions of Politics
Simon Payling:  The Politics of Family: Late Medieval Marriage Contracts
A.J. Gross:  K.B. McFarlane and the Determinists: the Fallabilities of the English Kings, c.1399-c.1520
Simon Walker:  Political Saints in Later Medieval England
Anthony Tuck:  Henry IV and Europe: a Dynasty’s Search for Recognition
Linda Clark:  Magnates and their Affinities in the Parliaments of 1386-1421
I.M.W. Harvey:  Was there Popular Politics in Fifteenth-Century England?
Christine Carpenter:  Political and Constitutional History: Before and After McFarlane

Crown, Government and People in the Fifteenth Century
ed. R.E. Archer (1995)

Philip Morgan:  Henry IV and the Shadow of Richard II
Maureen Jurkowski:  Lancastrian Royal Service, Lollardy and Forgery: the Career of Thomas Tykhill
Helen Castor:  The Duchy of Lancaster and the Rule of East Anglia, 1399-1440: A Prologue to the Paston Letters
James A. Doig:  Propaganda, Public Opinion and the Siege of Calais in 1436
Diana Dunn:  Margaret of Anjou, Queen Consort of Henry VI: a Reassessment of her Role, 1445-53
Dominic Luckett:  Patronage, Violence and Revolt in the Reign of Henry VII
Matthew Davies:  The Tailors of London: Corporate Charity in the Late Medieval Town
Jane Laughton:  The Alewives of Later Medieval Chester
Margaret Wade Labarge:  Geronto comia, on the Care of the Aged: a Fifteenth-Century Italian Guide by Gabriele Zerbi (1445-1505)
Joel T. Rosenthal:  When did you Last See your Grandfather?

The North of England in the Age of Richard III
ed. A.J. Pollard (1996)

R.B. Dobson:  Politics and the Church in the Fifteenth-Century North
Rosemary C.E. Hayes:  Ancient Indictments for the North of England, 1461-1509
Christine M. Newman:  Order and Community in the North: the Liberty of Allertonshire in the Later Fifteenth Century
A.J. Pollard:  The Crown and the County Palatine of Durham, 1437-94
Henry Summerson:  Carlisle and the English West March in the Later Middle Ages
Alexander Grant:  Richard III and Scotland
Jonathan Hughes:  ‘True Ornaments to know a holy man’: Northern Religious Life and the Piety of Richard III

Courts, Counties and the Capital
ed. D.S. Dunn (1996)

David Mills:  The Chester Mystery Plays: Truth and Tradition
Tim Thornton:  Local Equity Jurisdictions in the Territories of the English Crown: the Palatinate of Chester, 1450-1540
David Tilsley:  Arbitration in Gentry Disputes: The Case of Bucklow Hundred in Cheshire, 1400-1465
Deborah Marsh:  ‘I see by sizt of Evidence’: Information Gathering in Late Medieval Cheshire
Carrie Smith:  Medieval Coroners’ Rolls: Legal Fiction or Historical Fact?
Penny Tucker:  Relationships between London’s Courts and the Westminster Courts in the Reign of Edward IV
Caroline M. Barron:  The Education and Training of Girls in Fifteenth-Century London
Hugh Collins:  The Order of the Garter, 1348-1461: Chivalry and Politics in Later Medieval England
David Rundle:  On the Difference between Virtue and Weiss: Humanist Texts in England during the Fifteenth Century
Rachel Gibbons:  The Piety of Isabeau of Bavaria, Queen of France, 1385-1422

Estrangement, Enterprise and Education in Fifteenth Century England
ed. S.D. Michalove and A. Compton Reeves (1998)

Ralph A. Griffiths:  The Provinces and the Dominions in the Age of the Wars of the Roses
Charles Moreton:  The ‘Diary’ of a Late Fifteenth-Century Lawyer
DeLloyd J. Guth:  Climbing the Civil Service Pole During Civil War: Sir Reynold Bray (c.1440-1503)
A. Compton Reeves:  Lawrence Booth: Bishop of Durham (1457-76), Archbishop of York (1476-80)
Colin Richmond:  Richard III, Richard Nixon and the Brutality of Fifteenth-Century Politics
Philip Morgan:  ‘Those were the Days’: A Yorkist Pedigree Roll
Sharon D. Michalove:  The Education of Aristocratic Women in Fifteenth Century England

The End of the Middle Ages?
ed. John L. Watts (1998)

John Watts:  History, the Fifteenth Century and the Renaissance
Jean-Philippe Genet:  New Politics or New Language? The Words of Politics in Yorkist and Early Tudor England
Colin Richmond:  Patronage and Polemic
R.H. Britnell:  The English Economy and the Government, 1450-1550
Steven Gunn:  Sir Thomas Lovell (c.1449-1524): A New Man in a New Monarchy?
Simon Adams:  Baronial Contexts? Continuity and Change in the Noble Affinity, 1400-1600
G.W. Bernard:  Vitality and Vulnerability in the Late Medieval Church: Pilgrimage on the Eve of the Break with Rome
Clifford S.L. Davies:  Henry VIII and Henry V: The Wars in France
John Watts:  Conclusion

Social Attitudes and Political Structures in the Fifteenth Century
ed. Tim Thornton (2000)

Tim Thornton:  Postgraduate Research in 15th Century History, 1919-99
James G. Clark:  Selling the Holy Places – Monastic Efforts to win back the People in Fifteenth-Century England
Elizabeth New:  Fraternities in English Cathedrals in the Later Medieval Period
Joanna L. Laynesmith:  Fertility Rite or Authority Ritual? The Queen’s Coronation in England 1445-87
Hannes Kleineke:  Lady Joan Dinham – a Fifteenth-Ccentury West-Country Matriarch
Nicolas Offenstadt:  The Rituals of Peace during the Civil War in France, 1409-19 – Politics and the Public Sphere
Roland Tanner:  ‘I Arest You, Sir, in the Name of the Three Astattes in Perlement’: the Scottish Parliament and Resistance to the Crown in the Fifteenth Century
Gwilym Dodd:  Conflict or Consensus – Henry IV and Parliament, 1399-1406
David Grummitt:  William, Lord Hastings and the Defence of Calais, 1471-83
Bill Smith:  The Financial Priorities of Lancastrian Government, 1450-51
Margaret Yates:  Watermills in the Local Economy of a Late Medieval Manor in Berkshire
Francesca Bumpus:  The ‘Middling Sort’ in the Lordship of Blakemere, Shropshire, c.1380-c.1420
Sean Cunningham:  Henry VII, Sir Thomas Butler and the Stanley Family – Regional Politics and the Assertion of Royal Influence in North-Western England, 1471-1521