Publications – The Fifteenth Century

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Concepts and Patterns of Service in the Later Middle Ages
ed. Anne Curry and Elizabeth Matthew (2000)

P.J.P. Goldberg:  What was a Servant?
Chris Given-Wilson:  Service, Serfdom and English Labour Legislation, 1350–1500
Virginia Davis:  Preparation for Service in the Late Medieval Church
Jeremy Catto:  Masters, Patrons and Careers of Graduates in Fifteenth-Century England
David Morgan:  The Household Retinue of Henry V and the Ethos of English Public Life
R.A. Griffiths:  ‘Ffor the myght off the lande, aftir the myght off the grete lordes thereoff, stondith most in the kynges officers’: the English Crown, Provinces and Dominions in the Fifteenth Century
Kathleen Daly:  Private Vice, Public Service? Civil Service and chose publique in Fifteenth-Century France
Michael Jones:  The Material Rewards of Service in Late Medieval Brittany: Ducal Servants and their Residences
Alexander Grant:  Service and Tenure in Late Medieval Scotland, 1314–1475

Revolution and Consumption in Late Medieval England
ed. Michael Hicks (2001)

Christopher Woolgar:  Fast and Fast: Conspicuous Consumption and the Diet of the Nobility in the Fifteenth Century
Alastair Dunn:  Exploitation and Control: The Royal Administration of Magnate Estates, 1397–1405
Shelagh M. Mitchell:  The Knightly Household of Richard II and the Peace Commissions
Alison Gundy:  The Earl of Warwick and the Royal Affinity in the Politics of the West Midlands, 1389–99
T.B. Pugh:  The Estates, Finances and Regal Aspirations of Richard Plantagenet (1411–60), Duke of York
Jessica Freeman:  Middlesex in the Fifteenth Century: Community or Communities?
John Hare:  Regional Prosperity in Fifteenth-Century England: Some Evidence from Wessex
John Lee:  The Trade of Fifteenth-Century Cambridge and its Region
Miranda Threlfall-Holmes:  Durham Cathedral Priory’s Consumption of Imported Goods: Wines and Spices, 1464–1520
Winifred Harwood:  The Impact of St. Swithun’s Priory on the City of Winchester in the Later Middle Ages
P.W. Fleming:  Telling Tales of Oligarchy in the Late Medieval Town

Authority and Subversion
ed. Linda Clark (2003)

Keith Dockray and Peter Fleming:  Authority and Subversion: A Conference on Fifteenth-Century England
Alastair Dunn:  Henry IV and the Politics of Resistance in Early Lancastrian England, 1399–1413
James Ross:  Seditious Activities: The Conspiracy of Maud de Vere, Countess of Oxford, 1403–4
Clive Burgess:  A Hotbed of Heresy? Fifteenth-Century Bristol and Lollardy Reconsidered
Ian Forrest:  Anti-Lollard Polemic and Practice in Late Medieval England
Hannes Kleineke:  Why the West was Wild: Law and Disorder in Fifteenth-Century Cornwall and Devon
Peter Booth:  Men Behaving Badly? The West March Towards Scotland and the Percy-Neville Feud
Frank D. Millard:  An Analysis of the Epitaphium Eiusdem Ducis Gloucestrie
J.L. Laynesmith:  Constructing Queenship at Coventry: Pageantry and Politics at Margaret of Anjou’s ‘Secret Harbour’
David Grummitt:  Public Service, Private Interest and Patronage in the
Fifteenth-Century Exchequer
James Lee:  Urban Recorders and the Crown in Late Medieval England

Political Culture in Late-Medieval Britain
ed. Linda Clark and Christine Carpenter (2004)

Christine Carpenter:  Introduction: Political Culture, Politics and Cultural History
Simon Walker:  Remembering Richard: History and Memory in Lancastrian England
Maurice Keen:  Early Plantagenet History Through Late Medieval Eyes
Alan Cromartie:  Common Law, Counsel and Consent in Fortescue’s Political Theory
Benjamin Thompson:  Prelates and Politics from Winchelsey to Warham
Miri Rubin:  Religious Symbols and Political Culture in Fifteenth-Century England
Caroline M. Barron:  The Political Culture of Medieval London
Christopher Dyer:  The Political Life of the Fifteenth-Century English Village
John Watts:  The Pressure of the Public on Later Medieval Politics
Jenny Wormald:  National Pride, Decentralised Nation: The Political Culture of Fifteenth-Century Scotland

Of Mice and Men: Image, Belief and Regulation in Late Medieval England
ed. Linda Clark (2005)

Jon Denton:  Image, Identity and Gentility: The Woodford Experience
S.A. Mileson:  The Importance of Parks in Fifteenth-Century Society
Alasdair Hawkyard:  Sir John Fastolf’s ‘Gret Mansion by me late edified’: Caister Castle, Norfolk
Jenni Nuttall:  ‘Vostre Humble Matatyas’: Culture, Politics and the Percys
Clive Burgess:  A Repertory for Reinforcement: Configuring Civic Catholicism in Fifteenth-Century Bristol
Anne F. Sutton:  Caxton, the Cult of St. Winifred, and Shrewsbury
Thomas S. Freeman:  ‘Ut Verus Christi Sequester’: John Blacman and the Cult of Henry VI
P.R. Cavill:  The Problem of Labour and the Parliament of 1495
Colin Richmond:  Mickey Mouse in Disneyland: How Did the Fifteenth Century Get That Way?

Identity and Insurgency in the Late Middle Ages
ed. Linda Clark (2006)

Anthony Goodman:  The British Isles Imagined
Andrea Ruddick:  Ethnic Identity and Political Language in the King of England’s Dominions: A Fourteenth-Century Perspective
Katie Stevenson:  ‘Thai War Callit Knychtis and Bere the Name and the Honour of that Hye Ordre’: Scottish Knighthood in the Fifteenth Century
Jackson Armstrong:  Violence and Peacemaking in the English Marches towards Scotland, c.1425–1440
Matthew Tompkins:  ‘Let’s Kill all the Lawyers’: Did Fifteenth-Century Peasants Employ Lawyers When They Conveyed Customary Land?
Simon Payling:  Identifiable Motives for Election to Parliament in the Reign of Henry VI: The Operation of Public and Private Factors
David Grummitt:  Deconstructing Cade’s Rebellion: Discourse and Politics in the Mid Fifteenth Century
Jacquelyn Fernholz and Jenni Nuttall:  Lydgate’s Poem to Thomas Chaucer: A Reassessment of its Diplomatic and Literary Contexts
Maureen Jurkowski:  Lollardy in Coventry and the Revolt of 1431
Carole Hill:  Julian and her Sisters: Female Piety in Late Medieval Norwich

Conflicts, Consequences and the Crown in the Late Middle Ages
ed. Linda Clark (2007)

Christine Carpenter:  War, Government and Governance in England in the Later Middle Ages
Anne Curry:  After Agincourt, What Next? Henry V and the Campaign of 1416
James Ross:  Essex County Society and the French War in the Fifteenth Century
Michael Brown:  French Alliance or English Peace? Scotland and the Last Phase of the Hundred Years War, 1415–53
J.L. Bolton:  How Sir Thomas Rempston Paid His Ransom: Or, The Mistakes of an Italian Bank
Catherine Nall:  Perceptions of Financial Mismanagement and the English Diagnosis of Defeat
Hannes Kleineke:  ‘Þe Kynges Cite’: Exeter in the Wars of the Roses
Lucy Brown:  Continuity and Change in the Parliamentary Justifications of the Fifteenth-Century Usurpations
Peter Fleming:  Identity and Belonging: Irish and Welsh in Fifteenth-Century Bristol
Anthony Goodman:  The Impact of Warfare on the Scottish Marches, c.1481–c.1513
G.M. Draper:  Writing English, French and Latin in the Fifteenth Century: A Regional Perspective

Rule, Redemption and Representations in Late Medieval England and France
ed. Linda Clark (2008)

Carole Rawcliffe:  Dives Redeemed? The Guild Almshouses of Later Medieval England
Kathleen Daly:  War, History and Memory in the Dauphiné in the Fifteenth Century: Two Accounts of the Battle of Anthon (1430)
Lucy Rhymer:  Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, and the City of London
Jonathan Mackman:  ‘Hidden Gems’ in the Records of the Common Pleas: New Evidence on the Legacy of Lucy Visconti
Colin Richmond:  Sir John Fastolf, the Duke of Suffolk, and the Pastons
David King:  Reading the Material Culture: Stained Glass and Politics in Late Medieval Norfolk
Anne F. Sutton:  An Unfinished Celebration of the Yorkist Accession by a Clerk of the Merchant Staplers of Calais
Ruth Lexton:  Henry Medwall’s Fulgens and Lucres and the Question of Nobility Under Henry VII

English and Continental Perspectives
ed. Linda Clark (2010)

Christine Carpenter:  Henry VI and the Deskilling of the Royal Bureaucracy
Sarah Rose:  A Twelfth-Century Honour in a Fifteenth-Century World: The Honour of Pontefract
Frederik Buylaert and Jan Dumolyn:  The Representation of Nobility and Chivalry in Burgundian Historiography: A Social Perspective
Vincent Challet:  Tuchins and ‘Brigands de Bois’: Peasant Communities and Self-Defence Movements in Normandy During the Hundred Years War
Juliana Dresvina:  A Heron for a Dame: A Hitherto Unpublished Middle English Prose Life of St. Margaret of Antioch in BL, Harley MS 4012
Andy King:  Sir William Clifford: Rebellion and Reward in Henry IV’s Affinity
Jessica Lutkin:  Luxury and Display in Silver and Gold at the Court of Henry IV
Alessia Meneghin:  Nursing Infants and Wet-Nurses in Fifteenth-Century Florence: Piero Puro di Francesco Da Vicchio and his Wife, Santa di Betto Da San Benedetto

Parliament, Personalities and Power:
Papers Presented to Linda Clark
ed. Hannes Kleineke (2011)

A.J. Pollard:  The People and Parliament in Fifteenth-Century England
Simon Payling:  ‘A Beest envenymed thorough … covetize’: An Imposter Pilgrim and the Disputed Descent of the Manor of Dodford, 1306–1481
Charles Moreton and Colin Richmond:  Henry Inglose: A Hard Man to Please
J.L. Bolton:  London Merchants and the Borromei Bank in the 1430s: The Role of Local Credit Networks
James Ross:  ‘Mischieviously Slewen’: John, Lord Scrope, the Dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, and the Murder of Henry Howard in 1446
Carole Rawcliffe:  A Fifteenth-Century Medicus Politicus: John Somerset, Physician to Henry VI
Elizabeth Danbury:  ‘Domine Salvum Fac Regem’: The Origin of ‘God Save the King’ in the Reign of Henry VI
Matthew Davies:  ‘Monuments of Honour’: Clerks, Histories and Heroes in the London Livery Companies
Hannes Kleineke:  The East Anglian Parliamentary Elections of 1461
David Grummitt:  Changing Perceptions of the Soldier in Late Medieval England
Caroline M. Barron:  Thomas More, the London Charterhouse and Richard III

Concerns and Preoccupations
ed. Linda Clark (2012)

Christopher Allmand:  The English Translations of Vegetius’ De Re Militari. What Were their Authors’ Intentions?
John Milner:  The English Commitment to the 1412 Expedition to France
Rhun Emlyn:  Serving Church and State: the Careers of Medieval Welsh Students
Peter D. Clarke:  Petitioning the Pope: English Supplicants and Rome in the Fifteenth Century
Frederick Hepburn:  The Queen in Exile: Representing Margaret of Anjou in Art and Literature
Anthony Smith:  The Presence of the Past: The Bokkyngs of Longham in the Later Middle Ages
Dean Rowland:  The End of the Statute Rolls: Manuscript, Print and Language Change in Fifteenth-Century English Statutes
S.P. Harper:  Divide and Rule? Henry VII, the Mercers, Merchant Taylors and the Corporation of London

Society in an Age of Plague
ed. Linda Clark and Carole Rawcliffe (2013)

J.L. Bolton:  Looking for Yersinia Pestis: Scientists, Historians and the Black Death
Karen Smyth:  Pestilence and Poetry: John Lydgate’s Danse Macabre
Sheila Sweetinburgh:  Pilgrimage in ‘an Age of Plague’: Seeking Canterbury’s ‘hooly blisful martir’ in 1420 and 1470
Elizabeth Rutledge:  An Urban Environment: Norwich in the Fifteenth Century
Samantha Sagui:  Mid-Level Officials in Fifteenth-Century Norwich
Elma Brenner:  Leprosy and Public Health in Late Medieval Rouen
Neil Murphy:  Plague Ordinances and the Management of Infectious Diseases in Northern French Towns, c.1450–c.1560
Jane Stevens Crawshaw:  The Renaissance Invention of Quarantine
John Henderson:  Coping with Epidemics in Renaissance Italy: Plague and the Great Pox
Samuel K. Cohn, Jnr.:  The Historian and the Laboratory: The Black Death Disease

Exploring the Evidence: Commemoration, Administration and the Economy
ed. Linda Clark (2014)

S.J. Payling:  The ‘Grete Laboure and the Long and Troublous Tyme’: The Execution of the Will of Ralph, Lord Cromwell, and the Foundation of Tattershall College
Christian Steer:  A Royal Grave in a Fifteenth-Century London Parish Church
Matthew Ward:  The Livery Collar: Politics and Identity During the Fifteenth Century
David Harry:  William Caxton and Commemorative Culture in Fifteenth-Century England
Euan C. Roger:  Blakberd’s Treasure: A Study in Fifteenth-Century Administration at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London
Sheila Sweetinburgh:  Placing the Hospital: The Production of St. Lawrence’s Hospital Registers in Fifteenth-Century Canterbury
Maureen Jurkowski:  Were Friars Paid Salaries? Evidence from Clerical Taxation Records
Susanne Jenks:  Exceptions in General Pardons, 1399–1450
Martin Allen:  The English Crown and the Coinage, 1399–1485
Christopher Dyer:  England’s Economy in the Fifteenth Century

Essays Presented to Michael Hicks
ed. Linda Clark (2015)

Caroline Barron:  Michael Hicks: An Appreciation
Anne Curry:  Disciplinary Ordinances for English Garrisons in Normandy in the Reign of Henry V
Christopher Dyer:  Lords in a Landscape: the Berkeley Family and Northfield (Worcestershire)
Mark Page:  Hampshire and the Parish Tax of 1428
Gordon McKelvie:  The Livery Act of 1429
A.J. Pollard:  An Indenture between Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury, and Sir Edmund Darell of Sessay, North Riding, 1435
Ralph Griffiths:  The Pursuit of Justice and Inheritance from Marcher Lordships to Parliament: the Implications of Margaret Malefaunt’s Abduction in Gower in 1438
Peter Fleming:  The Battles of Mortimer’s Cross and Second St. Albans: the Regional Dimension
S.J. Payling:  Widows and the Wars of the Roses: the Turbulent Marital History of Edward IV’s Putative Mistress, Margaret, daughter of Sir Lewis John of West Horndon, Essex
Hannes Kleineke:  Some Observations on the Household and Circle of Humphrey Stafford, Lord Stafford of Southwick and Earl of Devon: the Last Will of Roger Bekensawe
James Ross:  The Treatment of Traitors’ Children and Edward IV’s Clemency in the 1460s
Anne F. Sutton:  Edward IV and Bury St. Edmunds’ Search for Self-Government
Matthew Holford:  The Exchequer Inquisitions Post Mortem
Karen Stöber:  Hams for Prayers: Regular Canons and their Lay Patrons in Medieval Catalonia
John Hare:  Production, Specialisation and Consumption in Late Medieval Wessex
Winifred A. Harwood:  A Butt of Wine and Two Barrels of Herring: Southampton’s Trading Links with Religious Institutions in Winchester in South Central England,